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AIT und BMVIT initiieren Next Generation Internet Gesprächsserie

New dialogue platform for industry, politics and research on the future of the internet


A successful start of the new event series "Next Generation Internet" - a top-class discussion round discussed the exciting question of how the Internet should be restructured so that we can regain our data sovereignty. F.l.t.r.: Helmut Leopold (Initiator, AIT), Mario Drobics (AIT), Thomas Lorünser (AIT), Oliver Hoffmann (BMVIT), Christof Tschohl (Research Institute). Image credit: AIT / Michael Mürling

Vienna, 4 December 2018: Advancing digitalisation in our daily lives makes data a valuable future resource. Every internet user generates and stores huge volumes of data daily. The European Union issued the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the aim to give back users control over their data.

Against this backdrop, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit), has launched a new series of NGI Talks, titled the Next Generation Internet (NGI). During a kick-off meeting held at the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE) on 27 April, Axel Quitt (T-Systems), Thomas Lorünser (AIT), Christof Tschohl (RI) and Mario Drobics (AIT) presented the various aspects of data protection. Together with the event's participants, they discussed how users can actively control their own data, and what this means for the underlying business models.

Helmut Leopold, initiator of the NGI Talks and Head of the Center for Digital Safety & Security at AIT: “This new series of talks is aimed at encouraging broad discussion about the future of the internet. Although today we have a huge variety of technological innovations and research results, few of these concepts actually lead to truly successful innovations. In the presentations given during the new series of talks, experts from industry, politics and research are invited to discuss current challenges and potential approaches to the next generation internet. The question is how we wish to shape the internet so that our basic social values, such as a privacy, freedom of decision, and independence, can be permanently safeguarded, even in a fully digitalised world. The NGI Talks provide an important dialogue platform for actively helping to shape the future of our digital environment.”

Mario Drobics, IoT Expert and Senior Research Engineer at AIT: “The NGI Talks give us the opportunity to discuss the future design of the internet from a variety of different perspectives. Our aim is to stimulate a wide-ranging debate between industry, politics and society on the aims and application of new technological developments. After the first event with its focus on privacy, in the coming year we will examine topics including trust and artificial intelligence.”

Next Generation Internet (NGI) at European level

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016 is designed to shape tomorrow's internet, making it an interoperable platform ecosystem which reflects European values: openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation and data protection. The NGI is intended to drive this technological revolution, ensuring the progressive introduction of advanced concepts and methods in the fields of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, interactive technologies and more, and thereby helping to make tomorrow's internet more human-centric.

This ambitious vision requires the involvement of the best internet researchers and innovators in order to make use of the technological opportunities which arise from networking and advances in research fields ranging from network infrastructures, platforms and application domains to social innovation.

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