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PHELICITI is a research project on advanced integration technology, which aims to pursue the challenging next step of functional and technological convergence of the two key enabling technologies: microelectronics and photonics. It does so in order to exploit the synergies for unlocking the full potential of both worlds: intelligence and high performance.

PHELICITI develops the technological means to perform three-dimensional chip integration through wafer stacking and high-speed vertical signal propagation. A novel class of unified interposer technology based on high-frequency through-silicon vias with 10 GHz bandwidth will be developed. The technological advances are enabled by optimised wafer bonding, etch and cleaning processes. Further, Bi/CMOS-compatible processes will be used to elaborate unified high-speed photonic and intelligent electronic elements on a silicon basis, leading to a new generation of versatile and robust optoelectronic core technology. The envisaged 3D integration approach removes roadblocks in manufacturing of complex devices with heterogeneous structure. Moreover it guarantees exploitable technology for mass manufacturing of high-performance optoelectronics with low cost, low energy consumption and small form factor. In PHELICITI innovative reconfigurable receiver and transmitter circuits with small chip area and low power consumption for highly parallel photonic/electronic integrated chips are investigated.

Start: 01.11.2014

End: 31.10.2017


  • Converged optoelectronic integration on a high functionality silicon platform
  • To investigate a set of elements for a library of advanced optoelectronic components with increased flexibility and energy efficiency
  • To advance the scale of integration in complex silicon optoelectronic circuits
  • To fabricate and experimentally evaluate 3D integrated test-chips
  • Economic viability of 3D integration methodology


Functional demonstration of a 3D integrated opto-electronic circuit through wafer-scale bonding of silicon-on-insulator photonics and BiCMOS electronics.

Funding: FFG Intelligent Production

Partners: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, ams AG, Technical University of Graz, Vienna University of Technology

Links: www.pheliciti.at