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User Experience

Creating unique experiences

Coffee machine or power plant control center, smart watch or smart home – interaction with technologies determines nearly every aspect of life. This increasing relevance of interactive technologies and the growing demands of users necessitates an early and ongoing involvement of users in the development process. We support you in optimizing your product from a user's point of view and thus increasing the success factor.

Together we design a unique user experience for your product, technology, services or processes. No matter which user experience you are aiming at – we offer scientifically sound methods for its definition, measurement and optimization.  From the analysis of the context and the resulting recommendations to the first prototype, we support you in the development of your product and help you to create the best user experience. In our own Technology Experience Lab we are able to carry out the latest scientific methods to improve the experience with different technologies. We provide you with well-founded analyses and recommendations and support you in implementing them. This way you are benefitting from our interdisciplinary approach and the team’s long-term experience, but also from AIT’s leadership in relevant technology sectors.

Our Solutions


Experience Creation

We support you in identifying the latest interaction trends and analyzing existing interaction technologies.


Future Interface Paradigms

Description and reference projects