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Vibration and shock measurement and analysis

We measure vibrations and shocks, assess their effects on people, buildings, and the environment and derive measures for vibration protection and component optimisation.


VIBES, applied

  • “Train Simulation” – patent-registered prediction model for train vibrations
  • Forecast of vibration immissions caused by traffic
  • Analysis of noise barriers under dynamic load
  • Vibration simulations using MoSeS before and during construction stages
  • Immission forecasts of industrial vibration sources/forecasting dynamic interaction and resonance effects of mechanical equipment
  • Monitoring in residential buildings and real-time alerts to construction supervision
  • Measurement of vibrations and secondary noise

How it works



there are numerous causes of vibrations in your environment

Vibrations and shocks are triggered by a wide variety of sources and impact neighbouring residents, buildings and infrastructural facilities. These include, for example, tunnel construction work, construction work such as demolition and blasting, urban and regional rail transport or heavy freight transport.

using innovative monitoring systems and measuring methods

We analyse and measure vibrations using natural or forced excitation methods. This includes, for one, the MoSeS vibration exciter or the Long Stroke Shaker to determine the soil properties on site. In addition, the laser vibrometer allows us to measure wind-induced vibrations in structures over longer distances without using direct sensors.

forecast, evaluations and tests for your enquirements

From our numerous measurements, we gain crucial insights such as vibration forecasts for construction work or forecasts of vibration immission caused by traffic. Based on our monitoring, we evaluate vibrations and can determine new threshold values. We carry out tests, and compile test reports and expert opinions.

vibration is a burden on the population

Vibration is detrimental not only to buildings and structures, but also to people. Vibration and shock forecasts are therefore becoming increasingly important. At AIT, we have been investigating the propagation of vibrations underground and in buildings for years. Our expertise makes us the first stop for the recording and evaluation of vibration immissions.

VIBES is your vibration protection factor

We use our measurements, forecasts and monitoring for VIBES to develop targeted solutions for vibration protection, supporting infrastructure and building operators, engineers, and the construction industry. We ensure a smooth construction work process, can accurately predict vibrations and take precautionary measures, verify reference values to prevent damage to buildings and reduce disruptive vibrations and secondary noise.


As an accredited testing laboratory for shock and vibration tests, we use our electrodynamic shaker to conduct tests for electronic and electrical components, devices, machines, systems and superstructures for vehicle parts – optionally using a climatic chamber.

New: Shock tests with maximum acceleration 100 g


We use our Mobile Seismic Simulator (15-25 kN/1-80 Hz), a hydraulic vibration generator, to simulate vibrations or induce them in the ground and in buildings.



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