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Mobile Seismic Simulator

Mobile Seismic Simulator: Hydraulic vibration exciter

The Mobile Seismic Simulator (MoSeS) was developed to determine the vibration behavior of existing structures in-situ and to simulate traffic vibrations in the context of railroad projects.
MoSeS consists of a vehicle, a hydraulic unit and the shaker. The reaction forces of the vibrating mass are introduced into the ground via three feet and measured in vertical direction by means of the piezo elements installed in the feet. The control is carried out via the displacement transducer built into the hydraulic piston or via a strain gauge force measuring element in case of a rigid connection to the building.

Application examples

Vertical operation

For the simulation of rail-bound vehicles during the construction phase of railway tracks; e.g. for the purpose of vibration prediction and as a planning aid for track dimensioning; measurement of the structural response when used on supporting structures

Fatigue tests

Investigation of the durability of materials, especially on high-speed lines; e.g. bridges, noise barriers

Building excitation under 45°

Artificial vibration introduction into buildings; e.g. in the course of the verification of earthquake measurements according to Eurocode: Identification of vibration modes and damping coefficients

Technical data

The truck is a two-axle special vehicle with a special body and switchable four-wheel drive. The hydraulic system is driven by a hydraulic pump via the auxiliary drive of the truck.

Operating modes
Vertical, horizontal, under 45° connection to building facades via bar chain

Excitation types
Continuous frequency sweeps, white noise, fixed frequencies, variable sweep speed, frequency range 1-80 Hz

Achievable excitation power
Without mounting approx. 15 kN, with mounting max. 25 kN; frequency dependent, as determined by mass equipment

Weight configurations
Inner frame without additional masses: 220 kg
inner frame + 2 weight plates: 850 kg
inner frame + 4 weight plates: 1470 kg
Total mass of exciter: 3750 kg

Vibration velocities in close range
Depending on soil conditions and type of excitation up to approx. 10 mm/s