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Network Operators & Energy Service Providers

Network Operators & Energy Service Providers

Network Operators and Energy Service Providers

Tailored solutions for the electric power sector

The electrification of energy consumption and growing distributed generation pose new challenges to the electric power sector. We support Network Operators and Energy Service Providers with solutions and engineering support to tackle these challenges, making power systems fit for the future and ensuring economic competitiveness.

Distribution and transmission network operators can benefit from our profound expertise on power & ICT systems, supported by a broad experience with novel technologies and applications including renewables, electric vehicles, large scale battery storage and microgrids.

We also offer tailored data-driven solutions for the electric power sector, such as forecasting, Smart Meter data applications and energy management system design. 

As an independent research and technology organization, our customers benefit from our know-how, which we turn into client-specific solutions of high added value.


Power System planning & operation support

Over the past 15 years, AIT has built profound expertise in power system assessments, ranging from basic power-flow calculations and transient analysis to the design of complex control schemes to optimize grid operation. A team of around 10 experts is available to deal with any advanced network planning and operation challenges. At their disposal is an AIT-developed flexible simulation environment, based on DIgSILENT PowerFactory® and extended with tailored data pre- and postprocessing.

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Smart Meter rollout support

The rollout of Smart Meters is a challenging process on a technological, organizational and business level. Network operators benefit from our expertise on Smart Meters to support their decision-making process. The AIT SmartEST laboratory provides the necessary infrastructure to test Smart Meter functionalities and communication paths in preparation of a Smart Meter rollout. Our experts on data analytics offer broad experience on Smart Meter data handling and on how to optimally use the available data to maximize the benefit for Network Operators in terms of network planning and operation.

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Battery storage procurement and acceptance testing

AIT is a frontrunner in the field of battery storage systems, with key competences ranging from battery cell development to power system integration. Our personal expertise is complemented with state of the art battery testing laboratories to support you in the procurement of battery storage systems. Throughout the entire procurement process, we are your independent partner. You can count on our expertise to draw technical specifications, evaluate offers and perform acceptance tests.

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Power system ICT & controls

The role of ICT and control algorithms in power system operation is growing ever more important. Some new power system assets are largely based on power electronics, innovative control algorithms are being implemented to manage grid loading and data flows are increasing. Because of this digitalization trend, future power system planning and operation will require additional expertise in ICT and controls. AIT offers this expertise, together with comprehensive lab infrastructure to test and validate new solutions before field implementation.

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Design and testing of smart secondary substations

Smart Secondary Substations are a key asset for future electric distribution systems. They provide monitoring and control capabilities to optimize grid operation, enabling higher hosting capacities for renewables, predictive maintenance and improved system efficiency. AIT supports providers of control solutions with cutting edge digital analytics and control designs, as well as substation vendors and grid operators with designs of cost-effective, secure and interoperable automation systems in secondary substations.

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AIT Lablink

When developing novel power grid components and solutions, testing those solutions efficiently can be challenging. Especially connecting a newly developed solution to existing hardware and software for testing purposes proves to be difficult. We developed AIT Lablink as an answer to this challenge. AIT Lablink is a communication middleware that allows quick and easy coupling of software and hardware components. You can freely access the AIT Lablink core and use it for your product development.

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