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Power System planning & operation support

Power System planning & operation support

Power Systems

The AIT has a broad expertise in the assessment of power supply systems, ranging from simple power flow calculations and transient analyses to designs of complex control concepts to optimize grid operation. A team of about 30 experts addresses the challenges of grid planning and operation of public utility grids.


  • Simulation-based network analyses including load flow calculations, transient analysis and harmonic analysis
  • High-performance simulations of distribution networks for strategic network planning and network investment
  • Generation of consumption and production forecasts
  • Analysis and evaluation of grid expansion scenarios
  • Studies for optimal integration of (renewable) generation units
  • Development of solutions for voltage and frequency maintenance
  • Development of grid reconstruction scenarios
  • Data analysis to support network planning and operation
  • Technical specification of solutions to increase supply security, e.g. STATCOM, UPS, DVR
  • Conceptual design and layout of supply systems for public transport infrastructure
  • Development of simulation models (digital twin) for coupled AC/DC simulations
  • Stability analyses, especially for low inertia systems
  • Optimization of utility systems to minimize losses
  • Integration analysis of renewable power generation, including inverter solutions with 16.7Hz connection


A core expertise is simulation-based analysis of electrical power networks. For this purpose, AIT has developed a flexible simulation environment based on DIgSILENT PowerFactory®. This simulation environment is complemented by a high-performance computing cluster for computationally intensive analyses.


  • Combined expertise at the system and component level
  • Use of innovative simulation software and state-of-the-art data analysis methods
  • Independent support for system-relevant issues

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