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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Career at AIT

Enabling Cutting Edge Research Together

AIT is Austria's leading research institute operating at the highest international level - We focus on technological developments addressing "grand challenges" with an emphasis on infrastructure topics of the future. In this context, AIT supports the economy and society especially through its technological expertise as well as through research and development in the fields of climate protection and digitisation.

With our research we succeed in driving socially relevant, future-oriented infrastructure topics further and in making the world a safer and more sustainable place to live.

Our core strengths

Due to our scientific and technological competencies, we play a central, strategic role in advising our customers and partners. We see ourselves as an INGENIOUS PARTNER in solving future challenges and developing disruptive technologies. Therefore, we function as a bridge between science and industry.


Shape your career

Career models & Career paths

Our career framework offers a variety of career options and is based on career models with different levels (so-called "career paths") as well as additional key roles:

Research & Development

Innovation & Management


Career Entry Opportunities

Your personal development

In addition to a variety of job opportunities we offer:

  • Creative freedom: we encourage our employees to explore personal research interests, assuming that, eventually, their interests will converge with our company’s strategic research topics, from which we will all benefit.
  • Training & development programmes, which support the personal and professional development, focuses on the key elements of work at AIT (teams & projects) and enables you to explore new roles in your career.
  • International Mobility: short or long-term research stays abroad at academic institutions or with project partners.
  • Benefit from national & international symposiums, conferences and events hosted by AIT
  • Entrepreneurship: we therefore foster entrepreneurial spirit and support AIT's founders with training and expertise in cooperation with a strong network of startup experts.

Our career paths are clearly defined in terms of qualification requirements, responsibilities, and tasks, as well as in terms of further development opportunities and career options. Find out more about your personal and professional development within AIT.

Our values & our culture

Over 1,400 employees representing more than 50 nationalities are working on “Grand Challenges” and disruptive transformations of our economy and society.

At AIT we encourage a culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration, and are committed to open communication.


Benefits, Well-being & Work-life Balance

Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Regardless of your phase of life, whether starting a new job, a new family, moving to a new house or joining AIT from abroad, we provide you with a variety of benefits to make your (working) life easier. Read more about our benefits.

Where can you meet us?

Our recruiting team participates in various career fairs and recruiting events. Here you can ask questions about your entry and development opportunities at AIT and meet our researchers and experts. This is a great opportunity to learn how we work, which technologies we employ and why we love working at AIT.

We cannot wait to meet other curios minds!