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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Functional coatings for power conversion and storage

Functional coatings for power conversion and storage

Functional coatings for power conversion and storage

AIT develops new technologies, manufacturing processes and characterization methods for thin- film solar cells and functional coatings in energy related applications.  We provide solutions for power-to-liquids, transparent heaters, optoelectronics and solar cells.  In this way, we secure decisive competitive advantages for component manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in this promising markets. ​

Solar energy conversion​

AIT provides innovative coatings and efficient manufacturing processes for the next generation of photovoltaic and energy efficient devices. ​

Other applications​

Transparent electrodes: Beyond ITO: AIT developed sputtered transparent electrodes on flexible substrates that out-perform the standard ITO. Based on combinations of ultra-thin metals and dielectrics, these electrodes show ultra-high performance on PET substrate: 85 % average visible transparency (including the substrate) and sheet resistance 5 Ω/sq  . Potential applications are transparent heaters, optoelectronics, functional surfaces on foils and flexible devices.​

Our services​

  • Coating technology for best-performing transparent electrodes and functional thin-films​
  • Development of new material combinations and advanced thin-film cell concepts​
  • Design of cost-efficient fabrication processes​
  • Ink development for abundant absorbers​
  • Development of non-destructive and non-invasive methods for in-situ characterisation​
  • Structural, optical and photovoltaic characterisation of materials and devices​

Your benefits​

  • Products with new functionalities​
  • Higher efficiency in manufacturing through process optimisation​
  • Best performance of devices (e. g. transparent electrodes)​
  • Reduction of environmental impact​
  • Lower production costs​
  • Versatility, flexibility and tailored properties of our materials development plattform open up many new applications. ​