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Photovoltaic Modules & Power Plants

Photovoltaic Modules & Power Plants

Photovoltaic Modules & Power Plants

The AIT Center for Energy combines more than 20 years of know-how in the field of photovoltaics with cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure. We support our customers with innovative research, development and testing of solar cells, PV modules and PV power plants, to meet highest quality and performance levels. ​

We offer tailored data-driven solutions for the photovoltaic sector, such as performance and failure diagnosis to maximize the efficiency of PV assets, thus ensuring that our clinets have a competitive advantage in these global markets.

Photovoltaic module testing and validation

AIT provides performance measurements, accelerated aging tests and material compatibility analysis of photovoltaic modules and devices which gives competitive advantages to our customers.?

The service portfolio includes full type approval testing, device characterization, development support and scientific advice. AIT also provides support in the development of innovative custom solutions.

Photovoltaic system design and quality assessment

The profitability of a solar power plant fully depends on its reliability and optimal energy output. For this reason, the main focus of our services lies on the quality assurance of photovoltaic systems to meet highest performance levels. ?By using our services Investors, Insurance companies,  and asset owners will benefit through secure and profitable investments based on comprehensive due diligence and technical advice. 

Data driven performance and failure diagnosis of PV systems

Digital technologies are widely used in PV power plants operation to increase asset performance. AIT provides smart software algorithms  for PV asset owners, asset managers and O&M companies, that enable fully automated monitoring of PV systems? based on real time detection and classification of system failures and quantification of performance losses. The routines allow for failures diagnosis at module, array and inverter level.

Integrated Photovoltaic solutions

The integration of photovoltaic (PV) refers to the capacity of this technology to be multifunctional. ? The capability of a PV system to interact with the given application in order to maximize the local use of electricity generated is based on the PV modules, mounting systems and the energy system integration. AIT provides tools and solutions for PV integration in landscape (Agrivoltaics), buildings (BIPV) and public infrastructure. 

Functional coatings for power conversion and storage

AIT develops new technologies, manufacturing processes and characterization methods for thin-film solar cells and functional coatings in energy related applications.  We provide solutions for green hydrogen, transparent heaters, optoelectronics and solar cells.  In this way, we secure decisive competitive advantages for component manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in this promising markets.  


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