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Today’s personalized medicine is based on in-depth knowledge of the genetic and epigenetic repertoire of diseases and the availability of novel agents for targeting altered genes and pathways. Therefore, automated and reliable methods for analysing and interpreting this data are needed to achieve maximum explanatory power, cost and time efficiencies in medical diagnostics.

Our bioinformatics services range from experimental design, feature selection and assay standardisation to the development of decision support systems. A major focus of our research is on the analysis of sequencing data. We have comprehensive experience in analysing data obtained with various high-throughput technologies (including sequencing) and can thus provide optimal support in this field.


  • Experimental design: sample selection, choice of platform, good practices
  • Assay design & analysis for biomarker validation: screenings using microarrays and sequence analysis, customer-specific data analysis
  • Customised modules for biomarker identification and validation: multivariate statistics, identifying and applying the appropriate statistical models
  • Data analysis of NGS experiments: whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, bisulfite sequencing
  • Development of decision support systems based on biomarkers and clinical studies
  • Microbiome studies: analysis setup, data analysis and interpretation of results
  • Genome assembly: generation of contigs and scaffolds, annotation, gene identification and analysis, homology analysis
  • Pipeline development: NGS data analysis, qPCR data analysis, creation of graphical input masks for users without bioinformatics background
  • In-silico assay design & analysis solutions for standard biomarker validation
  • User-friendly data analysis software for point-of-care (mobile) devices