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Energy Markets & Infrastructure Policy

Innovations in today’s energy system are mainly driven by the need for reducing their carbon footprint e.g. by means of integration of decentralized renewable energy sources. A transition towards integrated energy systems, which effectively utilizes synergies between different energy domains such as power, heat and gas, promises to exploit previously unused synergies for increasing efficiency and flexibility.

This transition poses practical challenges, beginning in the planning and design phase, where established approaches are not able to provide support across the boundaries of traditional engineering fields. Furthermore, many economical and legal aspects concerning the integration of the thermal and the electrical domains remain unexplored and/or ignored by existing regulations, making them obstacles for translating innovative technical concepts into real-world applications. The research field Integrated Energy Systems addresses these interdependent aspects in a holistic way, establishing AIT as a leader in supporting stakeholders from the public and the private sector in realizing integrated energy concepts.