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AIT participation 2016

Security is a trade fair at the top international level in the field of security and fire protection technology. It shapes the industry as a driver of innovation, meeting place for experts and hub for excellent business around the globe. Innovations and numerous product premieres are the focus of the fair.

Highlights from research and development at the AIT stand GA-45 The technologies and solutions developed at the AIT are designed for use in a wide range of application scenarios, such as people counting, access control in high-security locks or the creation of situation reports for e.g. control centres. Our experts at the AIT stand GA-45 will be happy to advise you on the following technologies, among others:


 3D Person Detection & Queue Length Detection:

Using 3D Stereo Vision technology developed at the AIT, it is possible to capture the number of people in a crowd with very high reliability in real time. The advantage of AIT technology is that the system no longer relies on overhead cameras, so that large spatial sections can be monitored with a single system. This makes it possible, for example, to create an up-to-date situation picture by means of cross-camera 3D person detection. In the area of queue management, the technology also has the great potential to automatically detect the length of a queue and display information about it for security personnel as well as waiting persons. A further application example in the field of building management is the counting of passengers or customers in shopping centres, as well as the measurement of visitor flows.

Person Separation:

The AIT develops robust and reliable solutions for the detection of people in security areas. Such systems are used today, for example, in airlocks in the area of automated border control, in order to provide maximum security despite the ever-increasing number of people. The AIT has established itself in this field in Europe as a centre of excellence in the field of automated border control. The interplay of state-of-the-art sensor technologies with highly secure and easy-to-use IT systems will in future enable even more user-friendly and secure border control management for the authorities: at airports, seaports and land borders.

Smart Intrusion Detection:

Securing access to sensitive areas in critical infrastructures on the basis of images is an essential component of modern security systems. AIT experts work closely with companies in the security sector to develop state-of-the-art security and access control systems for automatic detection of unauthorised access to security areas.

Left Object Detection:

Left Object Detection is an intelligent video analysis feature for real-time alerting of suspicious baggage in monitored indoor areas. The high detection reliability of any object is achieved by combining RGB image information and depth data.

Indoor Localization & Navigation:

Indoor localisation and navigation is still an unsatisfactorily solved problem, as satellite and radio-based systems do not work or are too inaccurate. AIT researchers have succeeded in developing a completely new solution using image processing. The system takes advantage of the fact that every environment is different in appearance. This allows indoor localisation on a purely visual basis. By analysing the image content and comparing it with a previously created visual model, it is also possible to localise the positions and viewing directions of cameras from surveillance systems and mobile devices (mobile phones) in large building structures in real time. The solution is characterised by high accuracy in the range of less than 1 metre.

Mobile Identity Management:

Rapid and reliable identification of persons is today the key to ensuring security. For example, in the field of border control, there is a growing need for mobile solutions and a specific demand for biometric verification systems to check the identity of persons. Today, biometric identification technologies are already used in stationary installations, whereas mobile devices still have weaknesses in terms of usability and applicability. Experts at the AIT develop innovative security technologies. In order to particularly protect technical identity management functions against misuse and unauthorised access, a special HW/SW platform has been developed at the AIT in close cooperation with public authorities and service providers to meet the high security requirements of public authorities (Trusted Platform Module technology). The mobile device combines state-of-the-art security procedures such as OCR recognition, face recognition or contactless fingerprint verification.