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Sulfide-based Ink for Printable Earth-Abundant Solar Cell

Solution-based processing has attracted particular attention as an alternative deposition technology for fabricating thin film photovoltaic (TFPV) due to its lower investment and maintenance costs character, compared with the vacuum-based one. It is an industrially relevant technology that is capable of high throughput film deposition over large area as well as compatible with roll-to-roll TFPV production. On the other side the photovoltaic material containing more earth abundant elements for highly-anticipated terawatt scale of TFPV deployment has been regarded as the long term solution for the sustainable and terawatt-scale TFPV production.

SPRINTCELL project proposes an innovative TFPV fabrication route which offers both lower manufacturing cost as well as the use of earth abundant photovoltaic material. The realization of an innovative route is based on the utilization of an ink solution containing sulfide-based compound material. A combination of various cutting-edge technologies of nanopowder preparation, ink chemistry and the printed electronics technology is integrated to demonstrate the proposed fabrication route. This proposed route takes an advantage of the availability of sulfide-based nanopowder which can be synthesized in a large quantity on an industrial scale from abundant raw materials. In addition, the capability of the solution-based processing can also be explored to deposit large area thin film on top of flexible substrates.

Project start: April 2016

Project duration: 36 months

Project partners

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (Consortium Lead)
Frimeco Produktion GmbH (FRIMECO)
PMT Powder Processing GmbH (PMT)
Printed Electronics Ltd. (PEL)

Funding Line: Energy Research Programme - Trans-national Call SOLAR-ERA.NET

AIT Kontakt: Dr. Rachmat Adhi Wibowo