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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

High Voltage and High Power

High Voltage and High Power

Electrical Device Development Systems

On the basis of testing and certification services, AIT provides support across all stages of development for electrical devices such as cables, fuses, switchgar, and power electronic-based systems. Professional engineering and consulting expertise make AIT a reliable partner in the product development process of devices for electric energy systems. ​

Our services

  • Breaking capacity under operating conditions and in case of short-circuits​
  • Short-time withstand current and peak withstand current tests​
  • Temperature-rise tests​
  • Operational performance capability​
  • Dielectric tests​
  • Partial discharge measurements​
  • Tripping limits and characteristics​
  • Mechanical and electrical endurance​
  • Ingress protection​
  • Environmental simulation (rain, salt fog, corrosive atmosphere, dust, low temperature and ice, vibration and shock, acoustic measurements)​

Internal Arc Tests

Internal arc faults in high power-low voltage and –medium voltage grids can generate temperatures up to 10 000 K and overpressures up to several bars. They are hazardous for human, electrical energy systems and buildings. More powerful grids, a higher sensitivity for potential risks as well as more rigorous normative references and governmental obligations requires an arc fault evaluation.

Our Services

  • Computational evaluations of arc fault resistance of buildings​ and electrical systems (also in the planning phase)​
  • Pressure release measures (system disposition, pressure​ release channels and flaps)​
  • Computation of shock waves and bulk pressurization in​ rooms​
  • Risk evaluation of elder electric energy systems and​ assessment of arc fault incidences​
  • Experimental arc fault tests according to EN 62271-200 and​ -202 as well as IEC/TR 61641 (max. 120 MVA)

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

The thresholds of EMF of electric energy systems are given in​ EU-directives 1999/519/EG for general public, in 2013/35/EU​ for workers and in BGBl. II Nr. 179/2016.

Our Services

  • Computing of EMF of electric energy systems utilizing the​ Finite Elements Methods (FEM)​
  • Measurement of EMF according to IEC 62271-202 and IEC 62271-208​

Temperature - Rise Tests

Global warming, more powerful grids and the request of​ compact energy systems results unavoidably in increased​ thermal stresses of the components.

Our Services

  • Computation of temperature-rise of electrical energy​ components and systems utilizing the Computational Fluid​ Dynamics (CFD)-method (also in the construction phase)​
  • Experimental determination of the class of enclosure​ according to EN 62 271-202, temperature-rise tests of​ electrical energy components and systems



Accepted CB TESTING LABORATORY​ under the responsibility of OVE as National Certification Body​ https://www.iecee.org/members/cbtls/ait-austrian-institute-technology-gmbh