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Photovoltaic module testing and validation

Photovoltaic module testing and validation

Photovoltaic module testing and validation

AIT provides performance measurements, accelerated aging tests and material compatibility analysis of photovoltaic modules and devices which gives competitive advantages to our customers.​

The service portfolio includes full type approval testing, device characterization, development support and scientific advice.


Our services​

  • PV modules and solar cells​
  • Independent performance measurements​
  • Type approval testing of PV modules according to IEC 61215 and IEC 61730​
  • Benchmarking of PV module types and supplier assessment​
  • Quality measurements and accelerated aging tests​
  • Measurement of bifacial PV modules (IECTS 60904-1-2)​

Accelerated aging​

  • Long term UV simulation (e.g. 25 years)​
  • Dynamic mechanical load testing​
  • Ammonia corrosion testing​
  • Salt mist corrosion testing​
  • Methods for detection of PID and LeTID​

Membership/Standardisation Committees ​

  • CENELEC/IEC TC82, TC64IECEE CB SchemeOVE E03 (Austrian Electrotechnical Association)​
  • Lab accepted by First Solar (PD-5-434 Rev 3.1 - Qualified Laboratories) ​

Benefits for PV module manufacturers​

  • AIT is your reliable partner for type approval and certifcation of PV modules​
  • Improved quality through extensive testing during the development stage​
  • Reliable information about material compatibility based on accelerated aging tests​
  • Competitive advantages through certified resilience and durability​
  • Support in the development of innovative solutions for specific applications, e.g. integrated PV applications​