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Decarbonization of the industry

Decarbonization of the industry

Decarbonization of industry is becoming a reality: Roadmaps for CO2 reduction of companies, sites and industries

According to the current climate strategy #emission2030, CO2 emissions should be reduced to almost zero by 2050. As time is running out for our climate, every company is asked to make its contribution. But how can this great challenge be met?

We support you in a safe and structured way in the development of a roadmap for the implementation of climate targets for your company. Taking into account the processes, energy sources and raw materials used and possible efficiency measures, we work with you to identify possible immediate measures, necessary further research needs, develop a technology strategy and define an implementation strategy.

We accompany you through the entire process with evaluations and analyses in order to evaluate future and existing measures and procedures and to derive further steps from them.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in thermal and electrical technologies and methods, AIT is your ideal partner for developing and creating roadmaps for your company to plan the medium and long-term transformation of energy towards more renewable energy. This ranges from small production plants to entire industrial parks.

Our spectrum ranges from

  •     Creating timetables for:
    • all branches of the energy-intensive industry
    • Industrial Parks
    • small and medium-sized enterprises
  •     Development of new systems and components
  •     Preparation of studies and roadmaps for professional associations and organizations

Our services

  • Identify immediate measures
  • Determine implementation strategy
  • Energy use analysis of the process, operation and location
  • Independent analysis of planned or already implemented measures
  • Workshops
  • Technology screenings
  • Research Collaborations
  • Support in application phases
  • Identify further research and development needs

Your benefit

  • Neutral and independent evaluation of technology alternatives
  • Impact-optimized implementation of measures
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Investment decision support
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Prioritized catalogs of measures
  • Independent technology assessments
  • Operating data analyses

Our methods

  • Data analysis: Yearly to quarter-hourly data, static and dynamic
  • Environment analysis: legal situation, infrastructure developments
  • Workshops
  • Technology Screening
  • Statistical methods for classification, regression analysis, validation, optimization and prediction
  • Digital twins in the form of functional mockup units

Reference projects