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Situational Awareness & Decision Support

Today, safeguarding public spaces and critical infrastructures is of paramount importance. The instantaneous detection of potentially dangerous activities requires sensors for a multitude of parameters. We provide innovative technologies for reliable, real-time event detection, situational awareness and decision support.

Recognising potentially dangerous activities and events requires more than just video surveillance: including specific sounds can substantially contribute to effective scene analysis, and fusing data from radar, ultrasound and radiation detectors, as well as including static and dynamic context information, facilitates comprehensive situational awareness, source localization and automatic interpretation of the scene.

Our team's expertise includes 1D, 2D and 3D signal processing, feature extraction, data fusion, pattern analysis, event and object classification, as well as 2D and 3D situational awareness in real time.

Our tools for improving situational awareness for security & surveillance operators are based on storing, retrieving and presenting all relevant sensor information and alarms in a common, map-type user interface. A prototype system with interfaces to a commercial video surveillance and archive solution (including event list and alarm location display on a map) has been developed and evaluated in cooperation with end-users and industrial partners, and is available for further applications in the real world.

Our services

  • Feasibility studies and pilot projects concerning solutions for event detection, situational awareness and decision support in public and private spaces, critical infrastructures and industrial plants
  • Development and evaluation of prototypes
  • Contract research and development of innovative, custom solutions 

Our solutions