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Quenching and deformation dilatometer

Tension and compression tests with a programmable heat treatment and forming unit

Our Services

  • Determination of flow curves under tensile and compressive load for material characterization and simulation of the forming behavior
  • Multi-step heat treatments with varying heating and cooling rates for optimization of mechanical properties of metal and alloys
  • (Multi-step) deformation in combination with heat treatment for simulation of rolling, forging, extrusion and sheet metal forming processes
  • Determination of recovery/recrystallization behavior
  • Studies on the thermal coefficient of expansion

Technical Data

Heating principle
  • inductive
    Sample material
    • electrically conductive solids
    Temperature range
    • room temperature to 1500 °C
    • air
    • inert gas (N2, Ar, He)
    • vacuum (10-5 mbar)
    Sample geometry
    • solid, hollow and sheet samples
      • compression 20 kN
      • tension 10 kN
      Strain rate
      • compression 0.001 - 20/s
      • tension 0.001 - 1/s
      True strain
      • compression 0.001 – 1
      • tension 0.01 – 0,6