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Macro- and Microscopic Microstructure Examinations

  • In-depth analyzes of the materials and their respective process histories

  • Identification of problems in the manufacturing process, e.g. with respect to casting and forming parameters, heat treatments or the input of foreign material

Our Services


  • Preparation and documentation of sections of metallic materials and composite material samples
  • Section analysis according to test standard as well as beyond that so as to be tailored to the respective Task
  • Micromechanical analysis (down to individual phases) by means of Vickers microhardness measurement acc. to EN 6507-1
  • Quantitative determination of particle and cell sizes acc. to ASTM E112
  • Documentation and analysis of samples from forming and heat treatment tests

Technical Data

Test ProcedurePerformance ParametersApplication
Microstructure characterisation
  • Section preparation
  • Recordings in incident light and with polarising filter
  • Magnification up to 1000x

Optimisation of casting parameters

Evaluation of element influences of complex material composites, weld seams, etc..

Particle size measurement
  • Linear intercept method
  • a few μm up to several mm

Influence of particle refining or cooling rates

Microstructural homogeneity

Microhardness measurement
  • Microhardness measurement according to Vickers
  • 1g to 1000g impression weight

Effect of heat treatment parameters

Mechanical analysis of individual phases

Topology measurement

Confocal white light microscopy

  • vertical: ≥20nm
  • Lateral: several cm

Preparation of surface profiles

3D documentation of surface qualities

Abrasion depths, etc.

Fracture surface analysisStereomicroscopy, SE-REM analysis

Analysis of fracture types

structural and chemical analysis of inclusions

Accredited testing methods

  • EN ISO 6507-1
  • ASTM E 112-13