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Fatigue Strength Testing

Fracture mechanics and fatique behaviour

  • Measurement of high cycle and long life fatigue strength (HCF & LLF)

  • Fatigue testig with resonance frequency to simulate material behaviour and failure in real life application

  • High testing frequency (80 Hz)

  • Flexibility regarding sample geometry, load condition, material

Pendulum machine



Our services

  • Fatigue testing and Wöhler curves of standard and special samples, components
  • Short test duration thanks to resonator testing machine (RUMUL Testronic)
  • Detection of hardening and softening behaviour during the individual tests
  • Tests at room and increased temperature
  • Very small (<1 kN) to very large loads, at freely selectable load levels (tension/compression)


Technical Data

Test ProcedurePerformance ParametersApplication
Fatigue test in the range of high cycle and long life fatigue
  • Standard samples and components up to 560mm component height
  • Amplitudes: -100 to +100 kN
  • Test frequencies up to 140 Hz
  • Load ratio (R value) freely selectable
Creation of Wöhler curves, release dates for newly developed alloys
Fatigue testing at elevated temperature
  • Room temperature up to 900 °C
Materials at real operating temperatures
Pre-cracking of notched impact and fracture toughness samples
  • Mountings for:
    • K1C
    • Notched impact crack (up to 10x10 mm)
  • Determination of crack length (light microscope)
Further fracture-mechanical analyzes with a precisely defined crack length

Accredited testing methods

  • DIN 50100: "Dauerschwingversuch"