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Battery Test Laboratory

Batteries are examined in detail at the cell, module and system level in the battery test laboratory.
This includes electrical tests, as well as an assessment of safety through abusive tests. Among other things we offer the following tests and services:

Flat battery cell connected to a cable


  • Support in selection of cell technology
  • Function checks
  • Characterization of batteries
  • Simulation of driving cycles
image picture
  • Lifetime tests
  • Calendar aging
  • Cyclic aging
  • Examination of the influences of different environmental conditions
Image of a nail test. Nail is stung trough a battery


  • Thermal

           - Thermal stability

           - Elevated temperature storage

image picture
  • Mechanical

          - Internal short circuit 

          - Controlled crush

          - Drop

burned batteries with a nail in it
  • Electrical

         - Overcharge

         -  External short circuit

         - Rapid charge / discharge