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Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

  • Production of 3-dimensional structures and components through layer by layer material deposition

  • Direct Energy Deposition with standard and special wires (WAAM)



Advantages of WAAM

  • Shortening of production and production development cycles
  • Reduction of raw material
  • Construction of complex component geometries
  • Prototypes for die cast components

Our Services

  • Additive-Manufacturing Laboratory: Fabrication of WAAM prototypes and WAAM demonstrator parts
  • Smart wire production route for development of targeted WAAM wires
  • Process and material characterisation
  • Optimisation of existing WAAM processes
  • Feasibility studies and concept development
  • Analysis of WAAM processes with numerical methods
  • Online Process Monitoring

Technical Data

Torch technologies (Fronius)
  • CMT, CMT Advanced
  • TIG ArcTIG
  • Plasma
    Handling (ABB)
    • 6-axes-robot
    • 2-axes-turn/tilt table
      Experimental laboratory with various setups
      • Component dimensions: 0 to 1.500 mm
          Process control, temperature adjustment
          Various process gases / -media
          Process monitoring and sensor technology