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ISOLVES:PSSA-M - Solutions to Optimise LV Electricity Sys

Innovative Solutions to Optimise Low Voltage Electricity Systems: Power Snap-Shot Analysis by Meters (PSSA-M)

ISOLVES:PSSA-M investigates technical conditions for the optimal integration of decentralised renewable energy plants in low voltage grids. Due to lack of accurate knowledge of the grid, high safety margins based on estimated peak demands in single line sections have to be considered today. Therefore, the objective of the project ISOLVES:PSSA-M is to create real images of voltages in local networks. For this purpose a method is developed to take an instantaneous image of the network, the so-called "Power Snap-Shot Analysis by Meters" (PSSA-M). Results from data analysis will contribute to model low voltage networks more precisely which leads to an essential improvement of network planning and network operation in distribution networks.


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