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The world's leading trade fair VISION is the meeting place for the machine-vision industry and an important anchor point for a worldwide audience. International companies present their latest innovations and developments in machine-vision here.


ICI:inspect - simultane 2D & 3D Bildverarbeitung
Inline Computational Imaging (ICI) ist eine neue Technologie für die simultane 2D und 3D Inspektion bewegter Objekte. Es kombiniert die Vorteile aus Lichtfeld und Photometrie in einer kompakten und robusten Lösung. Die geringe Systemkomplexität, weitgehende Unabhängigkeit von den Reflexionseigenschaften der Prüfobjekte und die hohe Anpassungsfähigkeit an Genauigkeit und Geschwindigkeit machen das Verfahren zu einer zukunftsfähigen Lösung für die industrielle Inspektion.

Scientific Vision Days

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Assistive & Autonomous Vehicles 

3D Vision and Modeling 

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Inline Computational Imaging

Deep Learning

ICI: inspect - simultaneous 2D & 3D image processing
Inline Computational Imaging (ICI) is a new technology for the simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection of moving objects. It combines the advantages of light field and photometry in a compact and robust solution. The low system complexity, largely independent of the reflective properties of the test objects and the high adaptability to accuracy and speed make the process a future-proof solution for industrial inspection.

LightScan – A Minimalist Modular Depth Sensor
Scalable 3D measurement technology. The AIT camera projector and camera-camera technologies are scalable in geometry and wavelength and measure object with sizes from 2 mm to 2 m and a wide variety of reflection properties.

Dynamic Vision Sensor – Online Microscopic Wire Inspector
The Dynamic Vision sensor technology enables 100% in-line control in production. This bio-inspired technology works reliably even under the most difficult lighting conditions. One of the many fields of application of these sensors is the microscopic inspection of the thinnest particle-coated wires with diameters of less than 100  µ m and particle sizes of approx. 6  µm on the moving wire directly in the production line.

xposure:camera+flash – High-Speed Imaging @ 600kHz
High-speed imaging with the world's fastest line scan camera, xposure:camera, and the world's fastest LED lighting, xposure:flash! Highest speeds, smallest installation spaces, maximum application possibilities.

Deep: Inspect - Deep Learning in Industrial Inspection
Is deep learning the new universal tool for industrial image processing? AIT shows familiar and new industrial applications for deep learning and is a competent partner for discussing where and how Deep Learning can be used for your application.