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The Competence Unit Complex Dynamical Systems (CDS) conducts applied research in the field of Dynamical System Theory with application to Industrial Automation.

We specialise in understanding, digitalising and automating systems of components, processes, and products. By applying advanced system theoretical frameworks to real-world challenges, our work bridges the gap between academic research and industrial practice.

We achieve innovation through research, development, and implementation of methods, algorithms, and technologies for real-time-capable information processing and automated decision-making. We collect and analyse data, create mathematical models, and develop model-based algorithms to optimise and control mechatronic components, robots, and industrial manufacturing processes.



An interdisciplinary combination of core competences from within the fields of systems and control theory, physics, and computer science enables us to expand our area of expertise to a wide range of engineering problems.

Our solutions alleviate the rising pressure on manufacturing industries to simultaneously achieve more diverse product portfolios, tighter quality tolerances, minimised production costs and emissions.

At CDS, we envision and work towards a future where industrial demand for high-quality products meets societal demands for sustainability. To this end, we collaborate closely with the Austrian manufacturing industry to understand both present and future challenges our partners are facing and provide specifically tailored, resource-efficient solutions.


We specialise in:

  • System analysis, system design, system modelling & simulation
  • Data analysis and system identification, system parametrisation & system validation
  • Algorithmic design for prediction, control & optimisation
  • Implementation of algorithms on industrial hardware


We provide the following services:

  • Modelling and control for mechatronic automation components
  • Design of assistance systems for utility vehicles and construction machines
  • Digitalisation, automation, and optimisation of manufacturing systems.


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