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AIT fair

The VISION is one of the world's most important trade fairs in the machine vision industry. It is a meeting place for many international companies and an important anchor point for a global audience.

Our experts will present following technologies on the AIT-Stand 1D82:




High-speed inspection with "xposure LeMans"

Current trends in automation technology require ever smaller, faster and cheaper components and systems that can capture an increasing number of surface properties. With its outstanding acquisition and processing speed xposure LeMans enables new high-speed applications in the field of embedded vision, providing both higher optical resolution and higher inspection speed. Experts at the AIT are developing world leading vision technologies for global players. The research focus is on ultrafast line scan sensors and cameras, scalable embedded vision systems, computational imaging and deep learning.
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Highly efficient, intelligent & rapid HDR sensor systems

AIT experts are developing intelligent, dynamic vision sensor technologies, for use in industrial automation, quality inspection and condition monitoring. These innovative sensor chip functions allow even high-speed processes to be recorded, stored, processed and evaluated with high efficiency. Applications using this technology take the form of compact smart sensor solutions and do not need additional PCs or processing units. These solutions can also be easily integrated into the production process, or used to monitor machine conditions.
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Intelligent driver assistance systems for autonomous vehicles and aircraft

AIT experts have developed a dedicated 3D sensor system enabling vehicles to capture their environment in 3D in real time for reliable and driver-independent navigation, thus providing a key component of vehicle assistance systems. An important goal is to improve safety by supporting the driver while also improving efficiency, especially in the area of mobile machines for industry, construction and agriculture. The technologies available also enable the realisation of fully autonomous vehicles. The spectrum ranges from rail vehicles (trains, trams), road vehicles (cars, trucks) and vehicles used in the construction and agricultural industries (excavators, tractors etc.) through to aircraft.
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Protecting highly frequented infrastructure

Public transport facilities like airports and metro stations are equipped with numerous cameras to ensure passenger safety and security at these highly frequented places. Intelligent image processing technologies play a key role in this respect. AIT experts are working together with manufacturers of video components and security solutions, infrastructure operators, authorities and public institutions to develop state-of-the-art networked and camera-based safety and security systems for the protection of people and critical infrastructure. End users are involved in the development process from the beginning in order to ensure the high quality and acceptance of the systems. The entire innovation process, from component development through to final user interface design is constantly evaluated with all stakeholders involved. Full conformity with European, social and legal framework conditions is central to the acceptance of the technologies developed.
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Scientific Vision Days

On 9th and 10th of November 2016 AIT invites again to special keynote speeches at AIT stand number 1D82, in Hall 1. On behalft of the motto "Scientific Vision Days" experts from industry and research will present the latest innovations from the image processing area.
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