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circuit board with the logo of AIT placed on it
GPEC 2020 banner with the inscription February 18th to 20th at Messe Frankfurt am Main. Theme everything for the inner safety

The 11th GPEC 2020 is Europe's largest closed specialist trade fair for security authorities with more than 530 exhibitors from 30 countries and the latest supporting programme of conferences, workshops and training sessions!

At the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the Center for Digital Safety & Security focuses on the development of leading technologies for industry and in close cooperation with international authorities on modern solutions for the security sector. At the AIT booth No. E074 in Hall 11, our security experts will present the latest high-tech solutions from the following research areas:

Protection of critical infrastructures

AIT plays a leading role in Europe in the field of modern, IT-based border control and property protection. Among others, new biometric sensor technologies for the identification of persons are developed.

Public security

Using AI, Big Data Science and modern sensor fusion techniques, forensic tools are developed for the analysis of large amounts of image and video data for the fight against terrorism.

Cyber Security & Education

The AIT conducts specific training and further education measures in the cyber security context for operators of critical infrastructures and authorities. The AIT Cyber Range makes it possible to test specific cyber threat scenarios in replicated IT environments that reflect realistic requirements and to train defence and countermeasures.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AIT is specialized in AI-based detection technologies in order to detect and defend complex cyber attacks on networks. The research of blockchain technologies and the analysis of transactions in crypto currencies to combat organized crime are also focal points at AIT.

Touchless 4-Finger ID

We develop systems for personal identification and access control using state-of-the-art technologies such as a mobile, contactless biometric sensor technology for taking fingerprints (4-4-2 method) with the standard police smartphone for forwarding the verification to various databases. In addition, a dedicated hardware device is available for contactless fingerprint recording, e.g. for access control and authentication. Further information at https://touchless4f.eu/