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Motorcycle Probe Vehicle

Motorcycle Probe Vehicle

Evaluating Powered Two-Wheeler Safety

MoProVe motorcycle

The MoProVe (Motorcycle Probe Vehicle) was developed to understand the causes for accidents involving motorcycles.

In cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, a KTM 1290 Super Adventure was transformed into a high-tech research and measuring bike featuring a camera system, steering angle sensors, accelerometers, CAN-Bus reader and dGPS.

The research motorcycle is used to analyse riding dynamics based on riding behaviour and interaction with the road infrastructure. The MoProVe is available for safety inspections of motorcycle routes. Findings are compared with those obtained from car and truck testing (e.g. ROADSTAR) and incorporated into road planning recommendations and proactive road safety systems.

MoProVe driving and the measuring box


  • Research on vehicle dynamics of PTWs
    (Powered Two-Wheelers)
  • Measurements of specific riding manoeuvres
  • Research on the interaction of PTW and road surface
  • Comparison of cars-/trucks-/PTW-vehicle dynamics on the same route
  • Validation of in-vehicle sensors
  • Motorcycle specific safety inspections
MoProVe front details

Technical Data/Sensors

  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure
  • Sensors: VBOX (Company Racelogic; Accelerometers, dGPS, IMU, CAN reader); steering angle sensor (developer TU Wien); 2D data logger
  • VBOX Video system



TV feature about RoadSTAR and Motorcycle Probe Vehicle in P.M. Wissen/Servus TV (in German)

Motorcycle Probe Vehicle