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Theme picture car almost bumps into a pedestrian on the zebra crossing

Mobility Observation Box

Mobility Observation Box

Making pedestrian crossings safer

Unregulated pedestrian crossings often are the subject of severe accidents involving personal injury. On principle, pedestrians enjoy an "increased protection" from free-flowing traffic on unregulated crossings. The extent to which this is actually the case, however, depends very much on the road infrastructure.

mobility observation box

Recognizing the readiness of drivers to stop using the Mobility Observation Box

Traffic safety researchers at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, together with the SLR Engineering GmbH, have developed an innovative tool for evaluating pedestrian crossings as part of a research project: The Mobility Observation Box makes it possible to objectively measure the safety of pedestrian crossings and make them comparable. Based on complex algorithms, the Mobility Observation Box recognizes each vehicle and each pedestrian and evaluates their respective behaviour.

The focus of the observation is on the readiness of the motor vehicle drivers to stop. Before, safety assessments had only been able to evaluate this at random. However, thanks to the Mobility Observation Box, it is now possible to capture the readiness to stop objectively and over a longer period of time. This leads to a considerable increase in the data quality and a better comparability of the results.

More safety thanks to comprehensive data collection

The AIT Mobility Observation Box has been designed to evaluate existing road crossings in order to provide a basis for targeted improvement actions and for determining where the risk to pedestrians is highest. But the box can also be used in the new planning of pedestrian crossings: By collecting the data of actual pedestrians crossing the street, it can be determined before construction begins where a zebra crossing makes sense and can be positioned safely.

Contributing to making the way to school safer

Those who benefit in particular are children and adolescents on their daily way to school – as the weakest traffic participants, they are particularly dependent on the existence of a road infrastructure that enables them to reach their destination safely and securely.

With the Mobility Observation Box, we are providing road infrastructure operators with a tool that can actually help prevent accidents at zebra crossings and thus save human lives. We want to and are really able to help turn uncontrolled road crossings into truly protective pedestrian crossings.

pedestrian crosswalk with measurements drawn in

Feartures of the Mobility Observation Box

  • energy self-sufficient
  • unobstrusive
  • quickly operational
  • flexible to use
  • reliable
  • highest data protection standards according to DSGVO

Our Services

  • Analysis of traffic incidents
  • Evaluation of the safety of pedestrian crossings
  • Assessment of infrastructural measures
  • Survey of pedestrian traffic
  • Evaluation of the need for pedestrian crossings, assessment of the optimal position