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Predictive Transport and Fleet Dispatching

Optimised planning in transport and fleet management is crucial for reliable handling of transport tasks, efficient operation and sustainable use of resources. Control centres and fleet operators are confronted with a variety of tasks and need valid data as a basis for decision-making. The focus of planning is usually on the allocation of incoming orders/transports to suitable, available vehicles.

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Pro-active scheduling for efficient fleet deployment

Our solution includes the consideration and analysis of order, driving and fleet data as well as the temporal and organisational framework conditions. This enables early recognition of patterns and can be used to optimise the overall system. A pro-active scheduling of vehicles and fleets is thus made possible. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and time and leads to a more sustainable use of fleets.

Screenshot PREDICT-Tools; left: Route; right: Timeline

We offer

  • Analysis of fleet data for optimised planning
  • Development of optimization models
  • Simulation using state-of-the-art algorithms
  • Individual advice on strategic fleet planning
  • Operational use of tailor-made software solutions - via online solution or integration into your existing IT landscape

Advantages in use

  • Pro-active scheduling of fleets to reduce travel times and ensure service levels
  • Optimised use of vehicle resources / disposition of decentralised fleets
  • Disposition of vehicles to ensure availability when and where they are needed
  • Planning information for strategic, tactical and operational fleet management
  • Online connection and easy integration into existing IT systems


  • Use of data analytics and optimisation algorithms in the area of health logistics
  • Dynamic planning and disposition of transport fleets (stationary and free floating - for passenger and goods transport)
  • Prognosis of traffic conditions based on multi-dimensional traffic patterns