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Heat pumps and storage for industrial processes

Services and competences

  • Investigation and evaluation of novel refrigerants (up to ASHRAE classes A1-A3, B1-B2) for high temperature applications of heat pumps.
  • Investigation and evaluation of novel storage materials (PCM, thermochemical) for use in industrial processes.
  • Development and evaluation of innovative heat exchanger concepts for heat storage and heat pumps.
  • Characterization and development of novel thermal energy storage systems.


Heat sources and sinks:

  • Thermal oil: up to 350°C, up to 50kW.
  • Pressurized water: up to 23 bar, up to 220°C, up to 15kW.

Thermal storage and water heating

Measurement and classification of thermal storage tanks / water heaters.

  • Determination of heat loss rate and analysis of heat loss by thermography and heat flow plates.
  • Efficiency measurements of water heaters at different tapping cycles.
  • Classification according to the Energy Labelling Regulation (811/2013 and 812/2013).
  • Classification efficiency measurements according to the EcoDesign Regulation (813/2013 and 814/2013).


The scope of accreditation of AIT includes:

  • EN 14511 part 1-4
  • EN 15879 part 1
  • EN 14825
  • EN 12102 part 1-2
  • EN 16147
  • EN 12309 part 1-7
  • EN 12897
  • EN 15332
  • EN 60379
  • CWA 16975