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Experience Oriented Innovation

A multidisciplinary approach to tackle innovation

Translating experience needs into innovation, because that’s what we do best.

In an increasingly competitive environment, innovation has become a driving factor for market leaders, technology leaders and hidden champions in a variety of industries. Not only has it become more important to innovate resourcefully, but also, it is imperative to gain better insights into existing and potentially forthcoming needs and requirements of current and upcoming user groups at an earlier stage of product and service development.

Experience Oriented Innovation helps organizations with understanding their customers on a new level by identifying experience-gaps, coming up with unique experience and interaction concepts, and validating them against well segmented target user groups. With our team of active researchers and engineers, we unleash innovation potential, prototype ideas, and help your organization fast-track new products and services.

Experience Innovation Lab

A 4-step process, from idea generation to Proof of Experience where we deliver tangible concepts, supporting you as a decision maker with data, insights, and user feedback on a quantitative and qualitative level. We make sure that you can focus on your daily business while we translate experience-needs into innovation – because that’s what we do best.

Experience Workshops

Struggling with competitiveness and market saturation? Our highly diverse Technology Experience team helps you unleash your organization’s creative potential through Experience Workshops including methods such as Gamestorming, TalkingCards, and many more.

Customized Innovation Methods

Every organization is different in a multitude of factors, including its innovation culture which determines the organization’s ability to innovate resourcefully and effectively. The Technology Experience team supports your company with customized methods which will help you understand, structure, and harness knowledge about user needs.  Because future products are for the market, not for yourself.