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City Intelligence Lab

CIL is an interactive digital platform to explore novel forms and techniques for the urban development practice of the future. As incubator for intelligent solutions the lab fosters the co-creation of digital urban planning workflows and processes, applying augmented reality and interactive design interfaces to create simulations, generative design and artificial intelligence solutions.

Innovation Platform

CIL offers the opportunity for urban practitioners to develop and test smart city related planning methods and prototypes, and to present them to a large, international audience.

CIL brings key players and decision makers within the field of future urban development on one table. In order to guarantee the symbiosis of scientific excellence and application the CIL Lab Board consisting of selected representatives of the private sector, academia and municipal sector reviews and contributes to the lab’s agenda.



CIL’s facilities include its interactive meeting space, with interactive projection walls and augmented models that create an enhanced collaborative planning environment as well as an AI-driven urban planning framework. 

It combines real-time simulation prediction and generative design to enable the exploration of unprecedentedly large design spaces and serve as a powerful decision support platform. 

Within this framework, we work on:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) -driven Urban Planning
  • Participatory Urban Resilience Planning
  • Evidence-based Urban Strategy Workshops
  • Forecasting Urban Trends and Dynamics
  • Collaborative Urban Action Plan Development