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Integrated Energy Concepts

Integrated Energy Concepts

ENERGYbase, Vienna: building performance simulation, proof of concept, HVAC design optimization, monitoring

Innovative energy concepts

Design and planning support of integrated energy concepts for cost- and energy-efficient implementation of renewable energy sources for individual buildings and neighborhoods

In order to solve energy challenges in the target triangle of economic efficiency, sustainability and security of supply, integrated thinking and planning approaches are already necessary in the conception phase. The Center for Energy combines competencies and methods from the fields of thermal and electrical energy systems, photovoltaics, electromobility and urban transformation strategies in order to develop innovative energy supply concepts and to support architects, engineers and developers in the planning process.
We create integrated solutions and future-oriented concepts with efficient energy supply and a high level of thermal comfort at minimum life cycle costs.

Our services

  • Modeling of individual buildings and building networks
  • Determination of load profiles by dynamic thermal building simulation
  • Optimization of the building envelope by variant calculations
  • Potential analysis of renewable energy sources including determination of internal and external waste heat potential and construction of local heating networks
  • Development and testing of control strategies (controller in the loop)
  • Measures for the integration of electric mobility
  • Creation of a coordinated energy concept taking into account conventional and innovative options for energy generation, distribution and storage
  • Integration into higher-level neighborhood concepts and urban development plans

Your benefits

  • Coordinated energy concepts and reliable planning support to minimize error-prone individual solutions
  • Risk minimization during commissioning and building operation
  • Increase in the share of renewable energy sources in energy supply
  • Setting up innovation projects