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Cost-optimized design


Complex thermal and electrical energy supply systems, the coupling of electricity and heat (e.g. heat pumps), decentralized energy generation and storage (e.g. photovoltaics and battery storage) under consideration of life cycle costs make cost-optimal planning particularly challenging. We draw on extensive expert knowledge from numerical optimization to solve this multi-layered challenge and to develop cost-optimal, individual overall solutions for buildings.

Our services

  •     Data Analytics: Data analysis and determination of key figures
  •     Benchmarking: comparison of different plants, systems or components
  •     Predictive Analytics: Predictions of plant and energy utilization
  •     Prescriptive analytics: derivation of optimization measures
  •     Additional data enrichment and generation through e.g. coupled system simulations

Your benefits

  • Reduction of operating costs by identifying opportunities for plant and system optimization
  • Increase of user comfort, through comfort analyses and derivation of concrete measures
  • Efficiency verification and comparison (benchmarking) of specific systems and components
  • Reduction of downtimes and maintenance times through ongoing system monitoring
  • Support of sales and marketing (image campaigns) through performance verification of individual systems and components
  • Preparation, visualization and interpretation of large data sets
  • Acceleration of building commissioning
  • Automated error analysis