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Materials and Applications

Materials: Metals, Ceramics & Glass, Polymers, Inorganics & Organics with solid, viscoelastic or liquid material properties as well as evolved gas analysis

Applications: Drying, Alloys, Building materials, Insulations, Battery cells, Phase Change Materials (PCM), Biomass, Adhesive- and sealants, Composites, Oils, Petrochemistry, etc

Measured quantities

Thermophysical properties (-180 °C to 1600 °C)
Thermal conductivity λ(T) Specific heat capacity cp(T) Thermal expansion ΔL(T)/L0
Thermal diffusivity a(T) Density ρ(T) Linear coefficient of thermal expansion CTE α(T)
Thermal analysis (-180 °C to 1600 °C)

Characteristic temperatures:

  • Transition temperatures: Glass Transition, Melting, Crystallization, Reaction-curves, Curie temperatures

Enthalpy determination:

  • Transition enthalpies: Glass transition step height, Curie transition, Melting, Crystallisation, Crystallinity, Degree of conversion, Relaxation, Cross-linking, Vaporization
  • Reaction enthalpies: Oxidation, Decomposition, Gasification, Reduction, Hydration, Sorption, Thermal stability (ageing)

Mass change and evolved gas analysis:

  • Decomposition: Dehydration, Stability, Pyrolysis
  • Sample-Gas Reactions: Combustion, Oxidation, Sorption, Catalysis
  • Evaporation, Outgassing and Reduction
  • Binder burn-out
  • Drying
Viscosity and density of liquids (-60 °C to 135 °C)
Viscosity and Density measurements of Oils, Jet fuels, Diesel, Heavy fuels, Lubricants, Waxes and other liquids

Kinetic Analysis

Based on measured experimental data from a targeted design of experiment, a set of kinetic parameters (e.g. number of steps, reaction types, activation energies, reaction order) can be derived through the kinetic analysis. These results can be used for further predictions and optimizations of the measured processes.

Application examples
Prediction of reaction progress and optimisation of the temperature control (e.g. thermal decomposition, curing or sintering processes)
Implementation of the kinetic models in spatial space-resolved temperature field simulations (Finite Element Model)