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Identification of multi-modal life styles using innovative technologies

Understanding multimodal lifestyles is a prerequisite for planning and optimization of multimodal transport systems which foster a new and more sustainable mobility culture. Gaining insights into multimodal mobility behavior requires observation of mobility behavior over a sufficiently long period of time. Long-term surveys, however, put an enormous strain on the respondents. As a consequence, there is an urgent need for innovative technologies to relieve the respondents from this burden.

In ULTIMO we will develop procedures for technology aided long-term mobility surveys and analysis of multimodal mobility patterns. Building on the findings of previous projects for automatic transport mode detection, ULTIMO adds the following innovations:

  • algorithm for automatic detection of non-travel activities (trip purposes), an essential component of travel surveys
  • technique for analyzing multimodal mobility patterns which could not yet be developed due to the lack of long-term mobility data in Austria.

The data collection and analysis methods developed in ULTIMO will contribute to a better identification and understanding of trends and developments in multimodality.