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Electric Mobility in L-Category Vehicles for all generations

In order to comply with future emission restrictions, strategies have to be developed for cities in order to reduce traffic and thus pollution. Clean and energy-efficient, electrically powered two-wheelers that coexist on the street with cars, bicycles and public transport will be an essential part of the solution.

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Eleven partners from industry and science jointly develop electric L-category vehicles especially for the young (16-18 years) and older (50+) generation. These inexpensive, energy-efficient and comfortable electric two-wheelers are intended to provide drivers of conventional vehicles with a usable and environmentally friendly alternative with a reduced footprint for their daily commuting.

Thanks to their lightweight design, they offer excellent driving performance and, in relation to currently available and comparable vehicles, efficient and optimized use of resources. Users benefit from an innovative, user-centred human-machine-interface, an integrated on-board information system and a completely new mobility experience.

To achieve this, the weaknesses of current electric two-wheelers are eliminated in EMotion. A modular, scalable and highly efficient architecture for electric drivetrains and batteries significantly reduces manufacturing and maintenance costs. In addition, numerous technologies are used that maximize the energy efficiency of electric two-wheelers. Furthermore, the driving experience of the electric two-wheeler is increased through improved stability and handling of the vehicle, and the user-friendliness for environmentally friendly driving is optimised by a human-machine-interface.

The proposed EMotion concepts draws from a rich portfolio of technological solutions in the areas of: (AREA I) lightweight frame design and packaging, (AREA II) highly efficient electric powertrain and charger components, and (AREA III) innovative and user centric designed human-machine-interface together with a novel on-board information system. In order to demonstrate the synergetic potential of these solutions, an 8-month pilot phase with two demonstrators is being carried out in both the urban and rural areas in and around Salzburg, which serves as the basis for an evaluation of the implemented demonstrators and their innovative driver-vehicle interaction concept.

Main objectives of the EMotion AREAs


  • EMotion - Electric Mobility in L-Category Vehicles for all generations
  • Programme: Zero Emission Mobility
  • Funding agency: FFG/KLIEN
  • Duration of project: 03/2020 - 02/2024
  • Project coordination: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


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