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Quick review for mobile long-term EEG

Ambulant EEG recordings increasingly present a cost efficient alternative to inpatient EEG recordings. An increasing number of mobile EEG devices from different manufacturers are available on the market. In many cases the ambulant EEG recording can reduce the expenses significantly in comparison to an inpatient recording. However the manual review of up to 3000 EGG pages, every 24 hours, still contributes decisively to the workload of the hospital staff. A quick and automatic review helps here to further reduce the costs and to improve the quality of the analysis. The automatic review system developed at the AIT will permit a significant increase in efficiency for the analysis of the ambulant EEG. Based on the proven system for seizure and spike detection, the system, especially designed for automatic review, allows an extremely high recognition rate with a very small amount of wrongly detected areas in the EEG. The system is thus combining quick screening of long-term EEG data with high reliability and significantly reduced expenses.