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low-pressure die casting plant AK92

fully automated, semi-industrial experimental facility to develop complex components of Al and Mg alloys

Our services

  • Process related and application-oriented light metal alloy development
  • Mechanical property and thermodynamic property characterisation
  • Metallographic examination and evaluation
  • Component development/component simulation/component design
  • Process development and process simulation
  • Die development and tool testing
  • Component sampling/Prototyping/pilot series
  • Providing plant capacity (rental option)
  • Holistic solutions from idea to series suitable component

    Technical Data

    • Kurtz GmbH
      casting unit
      • clamping force: 5 tonnes
      • die plate: 1050 x 850 mm
      • core trains: 4 pieces
      • plate distance: max. 1000 mm
        crucible furnace
        • 200 kg aluminium
        • 120 kg magnesium
          • air, 4 cycles
          control unit
          • Siemens
          • extraction plate
          • Robamat heating/cooling units

          The low-pressure casting process

          The low-pressure casting process is used for the production of high-quality light metal casting parts.

          The metal melt is raised to the mould by pressurization via a riser pipe from a casting furnace, which is located below the metal mould. This method is characterized by a calm, turbulence-poor form filling, which leads to very low porosity and thus to very good mechanical properties of the castings.

          product examples:

          • aluminium wheels and suspension parts in automotive engineering
          • complex castings, such as engine blocks or cylinder heads (sand cores in the steel moulds)