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Roles at AIT

Project Manager

Project Managers secure, coordinate and manage projects with small to medium-sized budgets. Project Managers are responsible for team leadership and content-related issues. Areas such as resource planning and risk management are coordinated with superiors.

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Managers coordinate complex projects involving numerous project partners, for example EU projects. This role demands a thorough understanding of complex content as well as process-based relationships. Candidates must have legal and business management experience or have had relevant training.

Business Development

The main purpose of the Business Development role is to identify market opportunities and develop marketing concepts. It requires an analytical understanding and thorough knowledge of the relevant sector, allowing the candidate to act as an interface between the AIT and its strategic customers and develop long-term networks in collaboration with marketing, project management and research funding.

Thematic Coordinator

This role is geared towards highly qualified scientists who, within a business unit, are capable of handling the scientific management of an area. Through close ties with cooperation partners within the scientific community and with AIT customers, the Thematic Coordinator is able to identify relevant scientific developments on the one hand and, on the other hand, to implement the AIT research strategy in their specialist area.