Locations and Subsidiary Enterprises

map of austria is shown ait`s locations
Tower in front of blue sky

1) Location Tech Gate Vienna

Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Wien

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modern building

3) Location TECHbase

Giefinggasse 2, 1210 Wien

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4) Location Argentinier- straße

Argentinierstraße 2/4, 1040 Wien

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modern woodhouse

6) Location Tulln

Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24, 3430 Tulln

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building, it has many windows

7) Location Wiener Neustadt

Viktor Kaplan 2, 2700 Wr. Neustadt

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at the left and the right there are buildings, in the middle you can see sky

8) Location Graz

Reininghausstr. 13/1, 8020 Graz

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modern woodhouse park

9) Location Klagenfurt

Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH, Lakeside B10A, 9020 Klagenfurt

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Front view of a building and people

10) Location Ranshofen

Lamprechtshausenerstr. 61, 5282 Braunau am Inn - Ranshofen

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location at night, many lights

11) Location Hall in Tirol

Eduard Wallnöfer-Zentrum 1, 6060 Hall in Tirol

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Subsidiary Enterprises

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology has three operative 100% subsidiaries. The AIT brand comprises one subsidiary:

LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen GmbH (Center for Low-Emission Transport, Business Unit "Light Metals Technologies Ranshofen")

The two subsidiaries located at Seibersdorf are separate brands with their distinctive company profiles:

Seibersdorf Labor GmbH

Nuclear Engineering Seibersdorf GmbH