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Scientific Excellence on Stage at Vision 2018, Booth 1D82

07. and 08. November 2018

The SCIENTIFIC VISION DAYS are the well-established lecture series of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and its partners. Experts from Science and Industry will present cutting-edge technologies covering all aspects of machine vision. This year’s topics include 3D Vision, High Speed Imaging, Inline Computational Imaging, Deep Learning and Testing of Computer Vision Systems.


Wednesday, 07.11.2018

10:30Bernd JähneUniversität Heidelberg, Chair EMVA Camera Characterization to Multiple Imaging Modes Extending the EMVA 1288 Standard
10:50Markus MurschitzAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyTesting Robustness of Computer Vision Systems
11:10Manakov Alkhazur IMAGO Technologies EdgeBox, the key to connecting vision and sensors to the cloud
11:30Ernst BodenstorferAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyUltra-schnell gepulste LED-Beleuchtung öffnet neue Dimension für optische Oberflächen-Inspektion
11:50Markus MurschitzAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyScalable, Modular Stereo Baseline Designs
12:30Nikolaus KeröOregano SystemsHow to synchronize high speed cameras over Ethernet using the Precision Time Protocol, a case study
12:50Ernst BodenstorferAIT Austrian Institute of Technologyxposure Camera, more than just the fastest linescan camera
13:10Gerhard TraxlerPROFACTORThermografie für Produktion und Entwicklung
13:30Svorad StolcAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyInline Computational Imaging: Single Sensor Technology for Simultaneous 2D and 3D High Definition Inline Inspection
13:50Thomas PockTU Graz ICG | AITInline Computational Imaging Meets Convex Optimization
14:10Lukas TraxlerAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyModification of Microscope Optics for 3D In-Line Imaging
14:30Katrin HonauerHeidelberg UniversityTest Data Generation and Benchmarking of Light Field Algorithms


Thursday, 08.11.2018

10:50Franz DaubnerAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologySystematically testing of document authentication Systems
11:10Hendrik SchillingVisual Learning Lab Heidelberg, Universität HeidelbergThe past and the future of Light Field Imaging
11:30Bernd BlaschitzAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyGeometric calibration and image rectification of Inline Computational Imaging
11:50Nicole BroschAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyMotion Artefact Compensation for Inline Computational Imaging
12:10Alfred RinnhoferJOANNEUM RESEARCHMultisensorales multispektrales Sensorsystem
12:30Aneta CzetinaAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyOnline microscopic inspection of wires with diameters below 100µm and production speeds up to 20m/min
13:10Thomas PineztAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyAn explanation of Generative Adversarial Networks in Industrial Settings for problems with insufficient data
13:30Tomas KovacovskyPhotoneoPhoXi® 3D Camera - the highest resolution and highest accuracy 3D camera in the world
13:50Simon BreussAIT Austrian Institute of TechnologyRoadStar, high speed 3D road surface Analysis
14:10Jennifer RuskowskiFraunhofer IMSSmarte LiDAR Detektoren für Outdoor Applikationen
14:30Kurt NielFH WelsSind Lehrveranstaltungen zu Grundlagen der Bildverarbeitung an Unis/FHs noch zeitgemäß?