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Symposium on Post-Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have entered mainstream and now attract considerable public attention and scrutiny. However, in the shadows of Bitcoin, we can observe the rise of a number of alternative cryptocurrencies with improved scalability (e.g., Litecoin) or privacy protection mechanisms (e.g., Monero, Zcash). Other currencies are emerging (e.g., Ether) as a byproduct of emerging blockchain application platforms, which aim at generalizing the ideas behind Bitcoin and apply them to other application scenarios.

The goal of this symposium is to present latest scientific and technical results and insights in the field of cryptocurrency research and to discuss possible opportunities, threats and consequences for businesses, the financial sector, governance, and the public in general.

The BC Symposium speakers come from top Universities all over the world. AIT Senior Data Scientist Bernhard Haslhofer, Center for Digital Safety & Security will held during the Summit a lecture about the latest research outcomes in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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  • Date: October 19th 2018, 09:00 - 15:00
  • Venue: Museumsquartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
  • Audience: approx. 250 people with diverse backgrounds (e.g., public authorities, start-ups, scientists, etc.