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circuit board with the logo of AIT placed on it

The Center for Digital Safety & Security of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology offers a variety of publications such as books and white papers. These publications can be downloaded and/or ordered from the respective publishers on the following pages. This list will be continuously updated.

Type of Publication Titel Author Publishing House Year of Publication
Buch Digitale Bürgerbeteiligung: Forschung und Praxis – Chancen und Herausforderungen der elektronischen Partizipation M. Leitner Springer 2018
Buch Cyber Situational Awareness in Public-Private-Partnerships F. Skopik, T. Páhi, M. Leitner Springer 2018
Buch Game Theory for Security and Risk Management S. Schauer Springer 2018
Whitepaper   P. Zwickl    
Buch Collaborative Cyber Threat Intelligence: Detecting and Responding to Advanced Cyber Attacks at the National Level F. Skopik CRC Press 2017
Buch Cyber Attack Information System H. Leopold, F. Skopik Springer 2015
Buch Smart Grid Security: Innovative Solutions for a Modernized Grid F. Skopik Syngress 2015
Whitepaper ABC systems in Europe and beyond - status and recommendations for the way forward A. Kriechbaum-Zabini    
Whitepaper Machine Learning in the Center for Digital Safety and Security R. King    
Whitepaper Digital Identity Management B. Strobl    
Whitepaper IoT Sensor Networks P.Zwickl