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ReKEP revolutionizes the Courier, Express, Package industry from the ground up. While the status quo is the use of disposable cardboard packaging and in some special cases plastic poly-bags. The use of reusable packaging is almost not established. Only a few, sometimes tentative attempts exist that use reusable transport containers made of cardboard or plastic. But even these are limited to a relatively small number of round trips or are relatively expensive.

ReKEP relies on the use of reusable transport containers, which are affordable and effective on the one hand and versatile on the other. It is therefore possible to serve many different sectors and parcel sizes with the same concept. The basic technology is a plug-in system of mutually compatible transport boxes that fit in a predefined grid and can be efficiently bundled and unbundled. The delivery process is accelerated by the bundling on the one hand and simplified by the pick-by-light technology on the other.

The project focuses on economic, ecological and social sustainability. The logistics processes involved will be examined and adjustments suggested. The transformation from status quo to vision is considered and the sustainability of the new system is ensured during the entire transformation.

ReKEP contributes to making e-commerce sustainable from a transport and packaging perspective and to reducing resource consumption in this area to one seventh of the status quo. This is the only way to get a grip on the predicted growth and the associated climate impact.

These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are directly served by the project

  • SDG 3 (health and well-being): By improving ergonomic conditions during the loading and unloading of delivery vehicles, a reduction in physical and mental stress will be achieved.
  • SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth): Working conditions are improved (see also SDG3) and the profit margin (and thus the possibility of better pay) is increased.
  • SDG 11 (Sustainable cities and communities): Delivery in the delivery district is accelerated, traffic impacts (e.g. stopping in the second row or on the sidewalk) are reduced, cities and regions become more livable and sustainable.


Support program

The ReKEP project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation & Technology within the framework of the RTI program Circular Economy - Energy and Environmental Technology and handled by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.