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AI in machine vision


Petra Thanner represented the AIT in a panel discussion with international experts


Petra Thanner (High-Performance Vision Systems Center for Vision, Automation & Control) was invited to a be part of an international panel discussion on AI in industrial imaging, published by Imaging and Machine Vision Europe.

The panelists from international companies and research organizations discussed the latest advances in neural network-based approaches to vision applications and gave insights into their fields of research. In addition they gave advice on what engineers should focus on to develop a successful AI vision project. “As today’s approach is data driven it is crucial to collect and maintain a good dataset of all possible variations” says Petra Thanner.


Petra Thanner discusses the potentials of AI in machine vision online

The panel discussion was interactive where the experts answered questions posed by the audience during the discussion.

The webinar is now available - to watch on demand please follow this link (https://bit.ly/2Whu5Pn)  or click on the image.