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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

AIT’s Data Science & Artificial Intelligence unit (DSAI) provides data science consulting and solutions for making informed decisions based on large, heterogeneous, and real-time data under strict conditions of IT security and data protection.


DSAI’s multidisciplinary team provides methods and tools for solving real-world data-oriented problems. Our experienced scientists and engineers offer expertise in a wide range of disciplines: From data analytics, applied mathematics and statistics, to information security, and the humanities. We develop tailored solutions in close collaboration with industry and academia.

  • Virtual Currency Analytics;
  • Blockchain technologies for data ecosystems;
  • Large-scale integration, analysis and visualization of data; and
  • Network monitoring and anomaly detection on large data sets.


Our Research Services

DSAI provides expertise for each step in a data science workflow covering the key phases data aggregation and normalization, data analytics, data visualization, as well as data publication and preservation. All these phases can be built on strong security measures, providing privacy, confidentiality, and integrity. DSAI applies this workflow in three thematic areas: Industrial Data Science, Data Science for Public Security, and Cultural Data Science. Read more


What We Offer

  • Statistical modelling (R);
  • Machine learning, including Deep Neural Networks (SciKit Learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch);
  • Scalable data engineering and analytics (e.g., Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop);
  • Information visualization (D3.js, Mapbox GL JS);

Blockchain technologies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger)