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Energy Informatics Conference 2023

Okt 04-06

The 12th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics

From 4.- 6. October 2023 the 12th Conference on Energy Informatics will take place in Vienna, Austria. The objective of the DACH+ conference series on Energy Informatics is to promote research, development, and implementation of information and communication technologies in the energy domain and to foster the exchange between academia, industry, and service providers in the German-Austrian-Swiss region and its neighbouring countries (DACH+). Over the past decade, it has established as the premier European conference in the field.

Topics discussed are expected to be:

  • ICT for future energy systems, sector coupling and the integration of intermittent renewable generation
  • Information and decision support systems for future energy markets and mechanisms
  • Energy system modelling and (open) energy system data
  • Protocols and architectures for IT systems in the energy sector
  • Data analyticsand machine learning for smart energy systems and decentralised decision-making, as well as platforms for data analysis
  • Open data and software for energy research
  • Management of distributed generation and demand side management
  • ICT for (multi-) energy networks and micro-grids
  • Energy-efficient mobility, charging management for electric vehicles, energy-aware traffic control, and smart grid integration of mobile storage
  • Smart buildings, digital metering, occupant comfort, and user interaction
  • Adoption of ICT in the energy sector
  • Cross-cutting issues including cyber security and privacy protection, interoperability, verification of networked smart grid systems



4.October: Doctorials

5.-6.October: Conference

Programme: www.energy-informatics2023.org/program

Registration: Please register here

The conference is jointly organised by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, OCG Austrian Computer Society and OVE Austrian Electrotechnical Association.

For further information visit www.energy-informatics2023.org